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Backup plan! Barcelona are keen to sign Ziyech if Torres is unable to join the team.

Barcelona have prepared a backup plan should they fail to secure their main target. Ready to deflect to Hakim Ziyech, the star of Chelsea.

Giants of Catalan Interested in signing Ferran Torres, Manchester City’s versatile star, which if it doesn’t go according to plan, they have placed Hakim Ziyech as a secondary target.

Ziyech, 28, joined Chelsea in 2020 but has yet to secure a place in Thomas Tuchel’s starting line-up due to frequent injuries. If unable to grab Ferran Torres to join the team. In the summer football market next year

They fail in negotiations for Manchester City forward Ferran Torres. Barca have been linked with a bid for him since. Last summer They reportedly made an offer of £34 million for City to consider.

Ferran Torres is currently in rehabilitation from injury so we haven’t seen him in action for the past few weeks. He should be able to return to the field in early January.