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Match: [Finnish Premier] Mariahamn VS Inter Turku

Match: [Finnish Premier] Mariahamn VS Inter Turku

Competition time : Sunday 25 July 2021 20:30

Open Rate: 0.5 Interactive Tour Guide on the racetrack Wiklöf Holding Arena.

Last meeting, including all items,
FIN D1 10/06/21 Inter Turku 3-0 IFK
Mariahamn INT CF 17/04/21 Inter Turku 1-0 IFK Mariahamn
FIN CUP 12/02/21 Inter Turku 2-0 IFK Mariahamn
FIN D1 05/08/20 IFK Mariahamn 2-0 Inter Turku
01/08/20 Inter Tu Turku 2-1 IFK
Mariahamn FIN CUP 25/01/20 Inter
Turku (N) 3-0 IFK Mariahamn FIN D1 15/09/19 Inter Turku 2-0 IFK Mariahamn FIN D1 04/08/19 Inter Turku 1-0 IFK
Mariahamn FIN D1 12/05/19 IFK Mariahamn 1-2 Inter Turku
FIN CUP 26/01/19 Inter Turku(N) 2-1 IFK Mariahamn

Overall results of the host
FIN D1 16/07/21 Lahti 1-1 IFK
Mariahamn FIN D1 12/07/21 KTP Kotka 1-3 IFK Mariahamn
FIN D1 04/07/21 IFK Mariahamn 0-0 Head IFK
FIN D1 30/06/21 Sainajoen 3-0 IFK
Mariahamn FIN D1 24/06/21 IFK
Mariahamn 0-1 Sainajoen FIN D1 14/06/21 IFK Mariahamn 0-1
HJK Helsinki FIN D1 10/06/21 Inter Turku 3-0 IFK Maria Mariehamn
FIN D1 30/05/21 IFK Mariehamn 0-3 Maria Lahti
23/05/21 IFK Mariehamn 0-3 Maria Oaxaca
FIN D1 14/05. /21 KuPS 2-0 IFK Mariahamn

Overall performance of the visiting team
FIN D1 19/07/21 Inter Turku 0-1 Head
IFK UEFA ECL 16/07/21 Pushkash Acadamia 2-0 Inter Turku
UEFA ECL 08/07/21 Inter Turku 1-1
Pushkash Acadamia FIN D1 30/06/21 Inter Turku 1-1 Lahti
FIN D1 23/06/21 Ilves 2 -1 Inter
Turku FIN D1 18/06/21 Inter Turku 2-0
Sainajoen FIN D1 14/06/21 KuPS 1-0 Inter
Turku FIN D1 10/06/21 Inter Turku 3-0 IFK Mariahamn FIN D1 29/05/21 Head IFK 1-4 Inter
Turku FIN D1 22/05/21 Inter Turku 2-1 KTP Ko tka

Probability : ufabet

IFK Mariahamn’s performance is still not very stable. They have only won once from 10 games in the past. The defensive line is very bad. The defensive line can’t be hoped for anything. The Inter Turku have dropped a lot lately. They have lost 2 times in a row, the offensive line can’t score a goal. The defense was always ready to lose. The match statistics are The visiting team is superior to the home team. Look at the shape and the guests chased them from the beginning. The locals are not strong, they shouldn’t be able to resist. The price rate has opened 0.5. You can continue to press.

Expected match result: Inter Turku 3-1
Open rate: Inter
Turku vs 0.5 Confidence: 7/10