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Match: [Vikkusliga, Finland] Head IFK vs KTP Kotka

Match: [Vikkusliga, Finland] Head IFK vs KTP Kotka

Competition time : Friday 23 July 2021 10:30 p.m.

Open rate: 0.5 per FK Head Island Racetrack Bolton Arena.

Last meeting, including all items,
FIN D1 10/06/21 KTP Kotka 0-2 Head
IFK FIN CUP 06/02/21 KTP Kotka 0-1 Head IFK
INT CF 31/03/19 KTP Kotka 1-1 Head
IFK FIN D2 06/10/18 Head IFK 1-0 KTP Kotka
FIN D2 06/08/18 KTP Kotka Otka 2-1 Head IFK FIN D2 09/06/18 Head IFK 1-1 KTP Kotka
FIN CUP 10/02/18 Head IFK 3-1 KTP Kotka
18/02/17 Head IFK 3-0 KTP Kotka
FIN D1 04/10/15 KTP Kotka 1-0 Head IFK
FIN D1 23/ 09/15 Head IFK 0-0 KTP Kotka

Overall performance of the host
FIN D1 19/07/21 Inter Turku 0-1 Head
IFK FIN D1 12/07/21 Head IFK 0-1 Lahti
FIN D1 04/07 /21 IFK Mariahamn 0-0 Head IFK FIN D1 30/06/21 Head IFK 0-1
HJK Helsinki FIN D1 23/06/21 Lahti 0 -0 Head
IFK FIN D1 15/06/21 Head IFK 1-0 FC
Honga FIN D1 10/06/21 KTP Kotka 0-2 HeadIF K
FIN D1 29/05/21 Head IFK 1-4 Inter
Turku FIN D1 23/05/21 AC Olu 1-2 Head
IFK FIN D1 15/05/21 Head IFK 1-1 Ilves

Overall performance of the visiting team
FIN D1 19/07/21 KTP Kotka 0-0
Haka FIN D1 12/07/21 KTP Kotka 1-3 IFK Mariahamn
FIN D1 05/ 07/21 AC Olu 1-1 KTP Kotka
FIN D1 30/06/21 KTP Kotka 1-1
Ilves FIN D1 24/06/21 HJK Helsinki 2-0 KTP Kotka
FIN D1 15/06/21 KTP Kotka 1-3 AC
Olu FIN D1 10/06/21 KTP Kotka 0-2 Head IFK
FIN D1 28/05/ 21
Ilves 2-0 KTP Kotka FIN D1 22/05/21 Inter Turku 2-1 KTP Kotka
FIN D1 14/05/21 Haka 0-3 KTP Kotka

Probability :

Head IFK has just returned to search for victory in the past 5 games. The attacking line has a bit of a problem that it’s difficult to score each goal. Defensive is still the only place on the KTP Kotka, the form of play has already gone out to sea. Spell the word won’t win 9 times in a row. The support is quite bad. The offensive line could not give any hope. The statistics of meeting the hosts are much superior. Today playing in the nest of HeadIFK is much better than the away team. The price rate is open to give it to 0.5. You can continue to press. It’s not difficult to grind to win.

Expected match result: HeadIFK 2-1
Open rate
: HeadIFK vs 0.5 Confidence: 7/10