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Saliba admits to having rejected an offer to stay in England

Although, Arsenal had to pay up to £27million to bring in Saint-Etienne’s William Saliba. He have been loaned out to other teams since the 2019/20 season. Sent to Saint-Etienne on loan before being sent to Nice on loan in 2021. William Saliba has the opportunity to return to the field as a starting point for Arsenal. After David Luiz’s contract with Arsenal expired. Arsenal chose to bring Ben White to join the team.

Ben White puts William’s future into question again before William moves to the Olympics on a seasonal contract.
William Saliba has revealed Arsenal are trying to negotiate for him to stay in England. But ultimately chose to move to Olympique Marseille with William Saliba giving an interview: “I personally have spoken. I had a conversation with Pablo Longoria. I decided to move to Olympique Marseille.”

Arsenal want me to play in England. But I think moving on The Olympics were the right decision. It made me try to do everything I could to move to the Olympics Marseille. “William Saliba has a contract with Arsenal until 2024 and is ready to come back to compete for Arsenal’s starting line-up. Naul again after his loan at Olympique Marseille expires.